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The Pleasures of Golfing in Scotland

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Scotland has been known for indulging in various sports and activities. But golfing in Scotland is the utmost pleasure for the Scottish people as well as the tourists. Golf was born in Scotland about 600 years ago. By the year 1850 the golf courses in Scotland numbered to less than 20, thus showing golfing in Scotland did not grow that rapidly.

Eventually the interest for golf in Scotland started to grow among the people and today throughout Scotland there are a total of 550 golf courses. Every turning of the road one can witness acres of golf courses and someone or the other is either pushing or pulling their golf trolleys down the golf course pavements. It is assumed that every 10th person is a golf player. Hence Scotland is popularly known as the Home of Golf.

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Saint Andrews golf course is one of the oldest golf courses in the world. Even though the old courses have a lot of history, yet one is not sure by whom and when was the first golf played on these grounds. Conflicts have taken place regarding the evidences. Excluding the 45years when golf was banned during the period of 1457-1502, it is learned that golf has being played for over 600 years.

The St. Andrews golf club is situated in Fife being one of the seven golf courses on the Links, which is the biggest golf complex for public in Europe. The best part about the complex is that each course has their own set of challenges. Thus golfing in Scotland becomes more exciting to play.

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This golf club has many rules, regulations and traditions set that need to be strictly followed by the people in order to maintain the glory of the oldest golf course. The St. Andrews golf course is closed on Sundays in order to provide some rest to the grass. Exceptions are made to this rule during the various golf championships that take place on these grounds like Dunhill Links Championship, Open Championship, Ricoh Women's Championship, etc. Other than that Sunday's the course is allowed to be used as a park by the people of Fife. Other famous golf courses are Carnoustie, Gleneagles, Muirfield, Balcomie and Royal Troon.

Golfing in Scotland is a unique experience altogether. For most of the golfers, golfing in Scotland courses is their dream trip and playing on the grounds of St. Andrews golf courses would be like cherry on the top of a cake.